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Labels with Reverse-side printing

What is back printing and reverse printing on self-adhesive labels?

Self-adhesive label back printing is the abbreviation for printing on the back of the backing paper of the self-adhesive label, and pictures and texts are printed on the back of the backing paper of the self-adhesive label material. The usual purpose is to print labels on rolls, which need to be recognized by the electric eye on the back. This is especially suitable for thick cardboard and transparent stickers, such as roll clothing tag printing and train ticket printing.

Graphic printing on the back of the self-adhesive label, printing a small amount of text or pattern on the surface of the adhesive, to achieve the decoration purpose of the double-sided label. The label is used on a transparent bottle or glass containing a transparent liquid, and the pattern on the label can be clearly seen through the transparent bottle or glass, which plays a role of both sides of the label.

Are you looking for a label printed on both sides that gives your transparent product twice the amount of information space? Order labels with back printing from Trridev Labelss !

Our company offers you a wide range of options for designing your labels. In addition to classic front-side printing, we can also print the adhesive side of your labels with up to two colours in reverse-side printing. In addition, with the help of the so-called counter-printing process, we can even print the label back over the entire surface in Euro scale (4-colour) if required.

  • Printing of the motif on the front and adhesive side of the label
  • Inexpensive alternative to multilayer labels
  • Ideal for transparent bottles or foils

When designing their product packaging, brands need to weigh two competing imperatives:

  1. Keep packaging costs down to maximize profit
  2. Differentiate their product to increase sales

These goals are inherently at odds and, for lower-margin products, the former nearly always wins out. But for luxury products, great care needs to be put into prioritizing the latter.These are labels on which the print is applied to the underside of the label film. If the label material is transparent, these are then widely used for window stickers.If there is a printed image on the front, the label can then be peeled off and the print read from the underside – a typical use being cooking instructions on the back of meat label.

We are major suppliers of all types of reverse printed label, please contact us for further details.

Design options for labels with reverse-side printing

Reverse-side printing opens up completely new design possibilities for your labels, especially for transparent packaging. But reverse side printing does not only open up new possibilities from an aesthetic point of view. Functional aspects can also be realized using this printing technique. The additional space is usable for further product information or as advertising space that can be printed with your company logo.

Another possible use case is the application of control marks on the carrier material of the labels, if certain imprinting and dispensing devices require this during the further processing of the labels. This is particularly advantageous for transparent labels or special shapes.

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