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Food producers put a lot of effort into designing captivating labels for their food product, but sometimes forget a very important factor in proper labeling – creating durable, quality labels that will endure all conditions their food products will be subjected to. Since many food products are stored in freezers, frozen food labels need to be made from special freezer grade material and that’s what we at Trridev Labelss specialize in.

Pressure Sensitive synthetic labels provide the coverage of a traditional sleeve to deliver large graphics, with the added benefit of sticking directly to the food tray, protecting the product from sleeves being removed on shelf. Card labels can also be automatically applied which improves the overall packaging cost and productivity.

Most of our adhesives are designed for application in ambient (+5ºC) conditions.We also offer a range of adhesives for more challenging conditions: deep-freeze(down to -20ºC) and chilled (between 0 to +8ºC, including the challenging +4ºC point). The service temperature for adhesives generally lies within the range -40ºC to +80ºC.

Our versatile range of deep freeze labels are chemically  engineered to make them compatible to the surface types. Labels that are ideal for  writable deep freeze labels available for frozen foods that keep the labels attached to  them intact and can withstand short and long-term storage in ultra-low temperature  freezers. We provides deep-freeze labels that stick firmly and permanently even  to products which are already frozen. As a result, our deep freeze adhesive products  have clear appearance and are easily readable.

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