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When it comes to durable goods, labels are for life. Labels help manufacturers track products through production. They enable shippers to get products to the right place, and provide a surface where products can be uniquely identified throughout their useful lives.

Labels help customers use and maintain their cars, power tools and appliances. And by delivering directions and critical warnings, labels keep people safe.

Automotive Label Options

Trridev Labelss has an extensive range of automotive label print and production capabilities, meeting a huge variety of requirements, including options such as BS5609 approved adhesives and labels that are durable even when exposed to oils and chemicals. Our experience means we can be flexible in our response, helping to ensure consistent supplies.

Label Durability

Automotive labels need to be strong and durable to withstand potential exposure to oil and other chemicals, while also staying fixed to bottles and containers. Our team can recommend the best options for your application.

Hazard Information

Your labels need to have suitable warning, hazard and health and safety information. This typically includes standard hazard symbols printed in bright and eye-catching colours, plus associated instructions.

The label area of the oil drum is relatively large, the surface of the oil drum is relatively rough and the storage environment is relatively poor. Most of the film materials are used as the first choice. The film label can better overcome the problem of label warping caused by the lack of flexibility of paper labels. It is suitable for the engine oil industry, and the majority of engine oil companies are very satisfied.

Available materials: Synthetic paper, BOPP, PE, PET, PVC, etc;

Label characteristics: Waterproof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion, friction resistance, good adhesion, and not easy to fall off;

Scope of application: Engine oil drums, lubricating oil drums, brake oil drums, etc.

Filmic labels are tough, economic and are less likely to get distorted, apt to the current generation products. PP and PE are the prime classifications in Filmic labels while PP are all surface labels, PE labels stick on tubes. The Filmic labels allow customized designs depending on product specification.

Need for Filmic Labels:

  • Appealing in comparison to paper
  • Distortion free
  • Tough handling resistant
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Tamper proof
  • Water proof
  • Diverse options

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