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Drum and Barrel Labels for Industrial Needs

Packaging oily, aggressive or hazardous lubricants and chemicals poses unique challenges. Our specially designed adhesives and high-performance drum labels—including materials for GHS-compliant labels— stand up to petrochemicals and the punishing environments their packaging must perform in.

It might be time to look at what exactly what label printer is needed to be able to get down to business and start printing these labels on demand, just before labeling the products.

What is needed?

  • Durable labels – tough enough to meet BS5609
  • Ribbon or ink (again, able to produce a very robust print)
  • Label design and print software – I’d use BarTender personally
  • Label printer – either thermal transfer or inkjet
  • Great support!

Dedicated adhesives
The oil-filling process takes place at higher-than-normal temperatures, and often uses cans or containers made from different materials.  Our adhesives can cope with both rough and smooth surfaces of metal and plastic while resisting significant environmental pressures, making them the perfect can-label solution.

Designed to perform
Our chemical drum label materials are designed to perform in extreme labeling environments, including heat, cold, rain, snow and salt water. They provide consistent printability and readability regardless of climate and  enable GHS and BS 5609 compliance.

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