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# A115, Nehru Nagar 2nd Main Road, 7th Link Street, Kottivakkam, Chennai - 41.

When it comes to durable goods, labels are for life. Labels help manufacturers track products through production. They enable shippers to get products to the right place, and provide a surface where products can be uniquely identified throughout their useful lives. Labels help customers use and maintain their cars, power tools and appliances. And by delivering directions and critical warnings, labels keep people safe.

As the pioneer in the pressure-sensitive industry, we bring one-of-a-kind capabilities to labels for durable’s. We combine decades of innovation with deep knowledge of both regulatory and legal requirements. We know about the real-world conditions in which labels must perform, and the technical challenges they have to meet. Whatever your product, wherever it’s going, we can help you develop a label that sticks with it.

Automotive + Tire

Our comprehensive range of materials for interior, exterior and under-the-hood applications has you covered from bonnet to boot.



UL Labeling

Avery Dennison is one of just four labs in the United States certified by UL for standard 969, covering marking and labeling systems for durable goods applications



Drum Labeling

Here’s where durable materials really shine. We meet the challenges of labelling drums and other containers with resistant and resilient materials.



Electronics + Appliance

Whether part of a product or essential to production, our materials add value.




general Industrial

Track and manage raw materials and other components throughout the value chain




Outdoor + Powertools

If it’s used outdoors, it has to stand up to the elements. Our weather-resistant labels and other durable materials are designed to survive sun, win, rain and cold.



Heat Resistant High Temperature Labels

How do labels survive extreme heat and conditions? If you’re looking for durable heat resistant labels and high temperature labels, then keep reading as this post will give you a helping hand by explaining the various options available.

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