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Work with us to create individual and unique bottle labels. Stand out from the crowd with something a bit different.

Custom or Ready Made
As well as supplying off the shelf promotional labels & stickers, any size or shape label or sticker can be made including ovals, circles and triangles, supplied in rolls or sheets. Black on white, to multi- color, logos, layout and design.

All labels & stickers are supplied with permanent adhesive as standard but removable. High tack and freezer adhesives are available as an option.

Add More Shelf Appeal With the Right Bottle Labels

Milk Bottle Labels
With more and more dairy’s selling their own brand of milk direct to their local shops, we can produce bespoke labels to enhance the traditional milk bottle containers that we are used to seeing every day in our supermarkets.

In series of delivering world-class products, we offer an exceptional array of Milk Bottle Label in the industry. This Milk Bottle Label is available in various prints. Moreover, the offered Milk Bottle Label is extensively used to glue labels to his bottles of home brew and to make new milk bottles is limited.

The Latest in Milk Packaging and Labels

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your milk packaging or labels, or if you are interested in doing something new with your packaging and label design, it can seem daunting to figure out how you should change them.

From the different types of milk packaging to label design, it can be a fun and innovative way to attract customers while getting all of your important information out there for your customers to see.

Milk labels come in all shapes, sizes and flavors these days. With all the new types of containers, it is sometimes hard to find the right adhesive to keep your label on your product. We have some great ideas that can help you improve the appearance of your milk brand. We can help you pick the right adhesives and face stock to stand up to the refrigerated environment and still look refreshing.

Dairy labels that stick to cold plastic.

Milk Label Design Tips


  • Since most milk containers are white (or at least white when filled), your label should have a solid color unique to your brand that stands out from the competition.
  • Be sure to use label materials that will stand up to the environment if they are exposed to damp or refrigerated conditions for a length of time.


  • Use unique designs and colors to convey a family of products. This makes it easier for the consumer to return to your brand by sight. Nothing says milk better than a cow on the label!
  • Keep your design simple but eye-catching. Metallic foils and gloss varnished can attract a customers attention easily and protect your label.
  • Add a QR code so your customers can interact with your company via free offers, recipes and more.

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