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Bottles with Lids, Caps, and Stoppers
Using a security label can provide an effective tamper evident seal for bottles, jars or other containers with a cap (lid, stopper, etc). Choose a long, narrow label which can be placed on one side of the container and extend over the top to the other side of the container (ideally extending at least .75 inches firmly onto each side).


Using a shorter label which only secures a portion of the cap (as shown below) is usually not effective.  Plastic caps and corks are difficult for adhesion.  Textured plastic surfaces are even more difficult.  It is best to use a long label to fully secure the cap from both sides.


Our frangible security seals break into pieces when removed.  The acetate labels usually do not leave any adhesive residue.  The SIS and SFT may leave residue. Our STO, S28 will reveal the hidden VOID OPENED message when removed and will leave adhesive residue on the surface. Our SecureGuard products indicate tampering but leave no adhesive residue when removed.

Frangible Paper Label Seals for Bottles and Test Tubes

Frangible paper tears easily when removed and is used effectively for security seals in many applications. A torn or broken broken seal indicates tampering. After application, the paper seal can be removed, but it is designed to tear into multiple pieces or delaminate when it is peeled.  One key advantage of paper seals is that they can easily be marked using common writing implements such as pens, pencils, and felt-tipped markers, which is not the case with most film-based labels.

Since the paper used in making these seals absorbs moisture, they are recommended only for use indoors, and in low- or no-moisture applications.

Silver Metallic Security Seals

Our security seals are designed to show signs of tamper evidence immediately if removed after application. Unlike competitive products, there is no waiting period for the tamper evidence feature to become active.  When these labels are removed, a hidden pattern or hidden text (depending on which label is used) is exposed in the adhesive as an indicator of tampering.

Because of their long and narrow shape, the barbell shaped security seals are ideal for rounded or irregularly-shaped surfaces.

Our silver metallic products are suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

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