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# A115, Nehru Nagar 2nd Main Road, 7th Link Street, Kottivakkam, Chennai - 41.
Magnify Your Image WITH DOME LABELS

We make your brand look better and last longer than any other form of identification.

Polyurethane Resin Domed Labels
Almost any label can be enhanced by the application of a polyurethane dome (or lens) to the surface.

Printing Processes for Domed Labels
The labels to be domed can be printed by a variety of processes including digital, flexo, letterpress, screen printing, lithography, etc. Almost any label you are using at the present time can be transformed by being domed. We can print and dome the complete job for you, or we can dome an existing label you already have. Contact us, or send us samples of the labels you are using at the present time, and we will dome them and return them to you; you will be amazed at the transformation.

Self-Adhesive Coatings
Hi-performance adhesives of various degrees of tenacity are available for all types of labels, and we are always pleased to advise you on the correct one to use for your particular application.

What is a dome label? Imagine a label with an awesome dimension. A dome label is a printed label topped with a clear 3D bubble of polyurethane. The result is an attractive, durable way to represent your logo or company. How durable? DomeLabels can handle the extreme. Whether on snowshoes in subzero temperatures, exposed to high temperatures under the hood of a car, chemically sterilized on medical equipment, or dealing with abrasive conditions on heavy equipment, even in the harshest environments, DomeLabels give you that awesome dimension.

  • Professional Profile Branding
  • 3 Dimensional and Flexible
  • Outdoor/Indoor use
  • Customised Shapes & Graphics
  • Mild Chemical Resistant
  • Weather & UV Resistant

Domed Resin Labels are the ultimate, economical way to place your name where your customers will remember you. These 3D High Profile Domed Labels will enhance your products and exude quality.

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# A115 & B115, Nehru Nagar 2nd Main Road, 7th Link Street, Kottivakkam, Chennai - 600041.
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