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We offers Wax ribbon, Wax Resin ribbon and Resin ribbon for printing on thermal transfer labels.

If you have a thermal transfer printer you will need thermal transfer ribbon in order to print high quality barcodes. All popular sizes and colors of thermal transfer ribbon are ready for direct delivery, with many others available by special order.


Choosing the Right Barcode Labels and Ribbon

With the wide range of media types and materials available, it can be a challenge to decide on

the best fit for your application.

The first step in finding the right media is to identify your specific need(s):

• What are you tracking with barcodes? Products, people, equipment?
• How long will the label/tag/wristband be used?
• What kind of environment will the media be exposed to?
• What type of surface will the media attach to?

Knowing how you’ll be using barcode media will help you decide what typematerial, and other features you’ll need. The following sections will help you understand the media buying process and determine the best media for your needs.

With all the options available for barcode media today, it can be a challenge to find the right device for your business. Determining the type, required longevity, and use environment will make deciding on a specific media easier.

One thing to keep in mind is that each printer will have different rolls sizes it can accommodate that you’ll have to match up correctly.

Feel free to call our media experts – we’re happy to help you find the right media for your printer and needs.


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