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Tamper-evident labels

Tamper-evident labels are a powerful deterrent to theft and relabeling. They are based on destructible and ultra-destructible papers and films that are destroyed when an attempt is made to remove them.

Anti-tamper labels help secure the authenticity of products as they can be printed with identification numbers or other critical information such as warranty numbers and expiry dates. They are also often used as package seals as they are impossible to transfer to other packages.


Destructible label faces

Destructible label papers either have a very low grammage and tear into small pieces when an attempt is made to remove them, or they have a high thickness and weak internal strength, which causes them to delaminate, meaning they split into layers. Destructible film label faces employ the same principles: some thicker films delaminate, while others fragment.




Ultra-destructible face materials

Ultra-destructible label papers are extremely brittle materials that are impossible to remove in one piece once adhered. They make ideal tamper-evident seals for applications such as packaging and warranty sealing, or where highly reliable tamper evidence is required at all stages of the supply chain.​

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