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Labels for wet wipes

Handy, clean and simple. Wet wipe products help us live better, more convenient lives – so that we can spend more time on what really matters

Repeatedly reliable open-closure functionality
Easy access, secure closure The appeal of resealable packaging. Make-up removal, skin care, baby care or personal hygiene wipes? Personal care wet wipes improve cleanliness and well-being for both adults and babies, and to protect the well-being of people, we must also protect the environment. Our wet wipe labels safeguard product performance with label solutions that are better for the environment.
Wet” applications are products that have contents saturated with water, oils or solvents, like cosmetic or medical wipes.
Reclosure labels for such products need to have adhesives that are resistant to the saturating fluid. Wet wipes (or wet tissues)
are where you’ll find reclosure labels typically applied – on packaging such as pouches and resealable packs. Hygienic,
convenient and reducing the wastage of single-use individual packs, reclosure labeling solution is what you’ll need to close in
on wipes without dampening your drive for green
Sealing the peel on dry applications
Reclosure labels for “dry” applications, such as sanitary towels, facial tissues and paper handkerchiefs, are typically subject
to 10 to 20 repeat opening-and-closings. While paper labels are hardly an issue with less demanding applications, filmic
facestocks are what you’ll need – for a seal with zeal, and a peel with zest.

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